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A traditional approach to the demands of the 21st century is no longer adequate in the utility industry. It’s a new world out there with climate change, higher public and regulatory scrutiny, as well as global threats. We focus on making companies successful in this new reality.

Utility Response Training Associates, LLC, (URTA) brings together a cadre of professionals with unparalleled, international experience in Incident Management, Incident Command System Training and Exercise Development in the utility and energy sector.

We provide facilitation and delivery solutions for ICS training and Incident Management Team Development as well as Subject Matter Expertise during incidents.

URTA instructors lead FEMA-certified Incident Command System Training, serving a full range of utilities, including investor-owned, municipalities and co-operatives.

We will analyze your utility’s current Emergency Management situation and tailor training to your company’s specific needs.

Bridging ICS and Utilities