Myanamar Disaster Response

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Puerto Rico Power Restoration efforts

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Bridging ICS and Utilities

URTA Partners are leaders in the development of Incident Management Teams in the Utility Industry, with over 16 IMTs successfully trained, exercised, coached, mentored, evaluated and tested on incidents.

URTA Partners have provided training and mentoring in EOC planning processes for long term incidents to local governments and utilities.

URTA Partners have participated in curriculum development for national training programs as well as Utility Specific ICS courses.

URTA Partners have had roles constructing, conducting and evaluating exercises from Tabletop to Full Scale for entities in many countries. These include National Level Exercises- NLE, statewide and regional level, FEMA Virtual Tabletop- VTTX, local agency level exercises nationwide, and utility specific exercises.

URTA Partners have delivered Incident Command training nationwide to local, state, federal and private entities as well as several foreign nations.