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URTA Delivers


FEMA-Certified 2-5 day trainings, with utility specific examples, scenarios and exercises, OR custom training tailored to individual need.

All Hazards Incident Management Team Course 0-305

Training for Incident Command System Standard Positions, including:

     -Incident Commander
     -Liaison Officer
     -Safety Officer
     -Public Information Officer
     -Operations  Section Chief
     -Planning Section Chief
     -Logistics Section Chief
     -Finance/Admin Section Chiefs

     -Advanced and Intermediate

     -ICS Unit Leader Position Training

     -Agency Representative

Exercises and Evaluations - Credentialing Solutions

     -Customized exercises to fit utility specific needs.

     -Incident Management capability development

     -Exercises designed to meet regulatory requirements
Ongoing Support                   

After initial training, URTA provides:

     -ICS Subject Matter Experts

Bridging ICS and Utilities


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